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About Us

               is re-architecting the training journey for tomorrow’s talent by turbo-charging workforce readiness through industry based experiential learning at live events.

Get To Know the Founders

Sharyn Outtrim
Dr. Joey-Lynn Bialkowski

Instrumental in organizations’ experiential strategy, ideation and execution over the past 25 years with many prestigious sports and entertainment events, such as:

  • 48 NCAA Championships

  • 40 College Bowl Games

  • 25 Super Bowls

  • 17 PGA Championships

  • 14 BCS/CFP Championships

  • 12 A-List Concerts

  • 2 Presidential Inaugurals

  • 1 Olympics

Research and consultation extends to connecting industry expectations and demands of tomorrow's talent skills and level of workforce readiness with 

experiential and immersive learning opportunities. ​such as:

  • 5 undergraduate and​

  • 3 graduate Sport & Entertainment Business/Hospitality & Event Management programs

  • 3 Midwestern Private Universities

What is              ?

 fieldXperience  (                )  is the centralized training and talent engagement platform for students, universities and organizations that uniquely blends digital learning with real-world application built to ensure excellence.

                blends gamified digital learning with real world application providing students with skill-set development to succeed at every level.

It is where access and excellence intersect through our global network and proprietary gamified and training development platform.

Thanks to our industry and university relationships and our understanding of new labor laws, we are the ideal partner in the live events space and higher education.  

 Concurrently,              's solution-based consultancy fills a resource gap for organizations at live events using students/learners as top-notch

temporary talent for on-demand, live event activation.


Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

  • Content (Videos, Podcast, Courses, Articles)

  • Social Network Community (Profiles to Connect

  • Learning Pathways (Area of Specialization)

  • Online Assessment (Certificates)

  • Easy to Use (Mobile & Web Applications)


Experiential Learning at Live Events

  • Final practical application with access to live events

  • Integrated into the onsite team

  • Onsite application of online training

  • Focus on individual areas of specialty

  • Build professional network receive industry recognition 


Two Ballpark Center

800 Battery Ave., Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30339

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