Our What

We provide innovative, technology-first (and scientifically-designed) soft skills training to power up businesses, universities and individual learners.

How We Do It

Our team intersects learning scientists and experiential marketers. Our learning scientists create online courses with lessons designed with modern-day themes using a blended learning methodology that engages learners for greater retention and an increased ability to apply learnings. Our experiential marketers integrate the lessons with real-world situations, using participatory, hands-on, and tangible activities that make learning exciting and sticky.

Why We Do What We Do

We exist to support real-life positive changes in behavior so to elevate performance and accelerate outcomes for businesses, educational institutions and learners alike.

Behind the Brand

Behind every innovation is a team of passionate people. fieldXperience was born out of a vision for a new workforce full of eager, prepared and inclusive professionals.

This passion has brought us together to create something new. Our team has created the only educational platform that combines mobile-based micro-learning with a series of micro-work experience opportunities to demonstrate and solidify soft skills.

We are reinventing the path to career-readiness by focusing on transferable skills training and practical applications that create workforce heroes. Simply put, we are reverse-engineering the talent development, acquisition and engagement process.

How Can You Support Positive Behaviorial
Change in Yourself, Your Students or Teams?