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April 2020 Newsletter


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Virtual Town Hall April 28th with Edwin Moses powered by fieldXers

fieldX Partners with HBCU Heroes


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Almost 100 Scholarships since January 2020!

fieldX to Assist with Virtual Town Hall Featuring Edwin Moses, OLY on the 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Olympic Boycott, Powered by fieldX

In an odd case of irony, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games have been postponed in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic on the 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Olympic boycott. In 1980, hundreds of athletes were affected when the United States led a boycott against the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow in protest of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. Athletes who had trained for years missed their chance to compete and see their dreams realized.


No one ever thought that history would repeat itself, and yet thousands of athletes are once again unable to compete. The difference this time being that this is not a choice, but a necessity for everyone’s health and safety. The upside is the Games will be rescheduled for 2021, and all of the athletes who qualified will automatically be invited to compete. The downside is not all the sports had completed the Olympic trials… and a lot can happen in one year for those who are currently in peak performance shape.


To address the recent historical events, Edwin Moses, 1976 and 1984 Olympic track and field gold medalist, will be leading an open and honest dialogue with fellow 1980 Olympians to share their thoughts and experiences since the boycott. The virtual event will be held via Zoom on April 28 from 8 - 9:30 p.m. EST.


To ensure a high-quality experience for the 1980 Olympic athletes and 2021 Olympic hopefuls, fieldXers will have the distinct honor of providing live support in the form of content researchers, social media content creators and behind the scenes support during this virtual town hall event. For more information, please visit the fieldXperience website.

fieldX Partners with HBCU Heroes

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fieldX is proud to announce a partnership with HBCU Heroes. HBCU Heroes is a nonprofit that raises the bar and funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ (HBCU) athletic programs to provide resources to help athletes both compete academically and athletically.

With COVID-19 forcing students out of classrooms and into the realm of virtual learning, minority students may find themselves at a disadvantage with lack of computers and online learning capabilities from their schools. HBCU Heroes’ mission is to provide a minimum of 6,000 donated computers to students, while also spreading the message to encourage more donations.


As part of this partnership, fieldX is working to provide students in the HBCU Heroes program with access to fieldX’s unique online learning platform to begin their career readiness journeys on any device, anytime, anywhere, including on their brand new laptops.

fieldX is Hiring!

Virtual Town Hall volunteer internships

Live Support Associates - provides behind the scenes world-class support for this live interactive event hosted on a video sharing platform. Working with the Online Facilitator, the Live Support Associate provides white-glove support to ensure a high-quality experience for the 1980 Olympians and 2021 Olympic hopefuls.

(6-8 hours, April 20th-29th)

Campus Ambassadors for September

We are looking to hire students from 50-60 universities who are eager and ambitious for a fulfilling fall semester. Currently, we are recruiting, hiring and training fieldX Campus Ambassador Program participants to serve in a variety of roles and at events as liaisons between students, trusted partners and fieldX corporate from recruiting students to coordinating campus events.


Each Campus Ambassador will be creating their own opportunities to network in and out of the classroom while connecting with potential employers in an intentional way.


Best of all, candidates will receive a one-year, all access pass to fieldX to begin building out their fieldX work report. Check out the program here.

fieldX Continues to Enhance Its Learning Studio

The Learning and Development team, comprised of Learning Scientists, has been busy in the lab developing new content. Our newest 8-Lesson Virtual World Series is now available. This curated collection of lessons focuses on skills like communication, time management, empathy, strategic thinking and social responsibility that will allow Learners to successfully navigate the digital world during this uncertain time.


No matter where you are in your career journey, the fieldX Learning Studio is fueled with courseware and learning engagement features to rev up your professional game so you will stand out from the crowd. Each lesson affords Learners with knowledge related to in-demand skills and/or professional and leadership development.


Create an account on our website and get started today!

fieldX Scholarships

Since fieldX’s launch in January 2020, a total of 99 fieldX scholarships have been awarded. It has always been fieldXperience’s goal to empower students with education and hands-on experience to further their careers, and we are happy to provide additional assistance to those who are truly in need and have a desire to build their verified resume, which we call the fieldX report, complete with industry leader testimonials. To apply for a fieldXperience scholarship, please visit our website.

Scholarships Awarded

  • fieldX for Amer-I-Can (Jim and Monique Brown’s foundation) – 10

  • In Honor of Edwin Moses, OLY – 10

  • c21 - 10

  • CMPR – 10

  • Sports Illustrated – 10

  • Turner Broadcasting – 3

  • CBS Sports – 1

  • Populous – 6

  • Proof of the Pudding – 20

  • Mecum Car Auctions – 14

  • fieldX for High School Pilot Program - 5

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fieldX Glossary of Terms

*Learners - Students or professionals looking for career advancement to master professional skills needed in all careers with the opportunity to practically apply and track performance in a positive way.

*Leaders - Industry or educational professionals who can mentor Learners in a training or on-the-job setting to guide them in their pursuit of their career goals.

*Microlearning - An advanced learning management system (LMS) with bite-sized training sessions that allow Learners to consume and apply new knowledge and skills quickly.

*Micro-lessons - Digital LMS that challenges a Learner's critical thinking abilities. Lessons include:

  • Mindset

  • Communication

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Situational awareness and empathy: social and emotional intelligence

  • Coachability: flexible and adaptable

  • Problem solving: prioritizing and managing expectations

  • Analytical: strategic and critical thinking

*Micro-Internships - Temporary staffing opportunities with real-world work experience at live events.

*Level Up - fieldXLearners who have completed fieldX training and received access to apply those skills at an event are rated by their fieldX coach using a 5-point scale. fieldXers must receive 4-5 star ratings to level up.

  • Rookie - Less than 2 events with basic knowledge, but has the right attitude and is coachable

  • Apprentice - 2+ events with growth mindset and increasing knowledge

  • MVP - 3-4 events with practical knowledge and skills

  • Superhero - 5+ events with consistent 5-star rating and mastery of fieldX's 7 work-ready fieldX skills

*Soft skills - A set of abilities needed to perform professional duties involving interaction with others, which incorporates a combination of people, social and communication skills, personality, attitude, social and emotional intelligence.

*Learning scientists - The fieldXperience team who puts together the fieldX curriculum based on humanistic and theoretical understanding of learning and engages in the design and implementation of the learning platform.

*Cognitive abilities - Brain-based skills needed to carry out tasks varying from the simplest to the most complex.

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