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Create work-ready graduates by producing well-rounded young professionals that stand-out in the job market with our innovative two-part program

Turn-key plug-in solution to elevate your work-ready skills training with real-world experience platform 

  • Immersive gamified program with built-in prizing, badging & leveling up to incentivize students 

  • Compliance with laws and rules with Department of Labor, NCAA and NAIA


Expand recruiting reach by providing work-ready skills training and micro-internships that fit into any busy academic schedule worth bragging about

Customized lessons and tracking can be seamlessly created specific to your learning and internship objectives and outcomes

Gain access to top industry brands and employers

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Plug-in solution for onsite brand ambassadors worthy of your brand with easy on-boarding and scaled programs to fit needs as they grow

Resource for top-notch, quality and eager temporary event workforce

  • Elevate your guests’ experience with engaged staff

  • Our fieldX learners have a stake in the game applying their learned work-ready (soft skills) to earn experience and badging to level up


Invest in future talent in an intentional way and turn transactional event staffing into transformational, whether it is paid or volunteer

Need Customized messaging?  Easy, our tech easily creates custom lessons specific to your brand

Gain access to top young professionals that will be future industry leaders

Our experts would love to talk to you more about our corporate offerings!

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