December 2019 Newsletter | fieldXperience

December 2019 Newsletter

Learners Surf Into the Riptide Music Festival

On November 23 and 24, 2019, fieldXers participated in the Riptide Music Festival, in partnership with Celebration of the Sea Foundation, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The two-day alternative music festival boasted more than 35,000 guests over the weekend in Broward County’s signature event! fieldX Learners had an amazing behind the scenes look at everything it takes to produce a large-scale music festival.


Learners and Leaders had the opportunity to work with the Celebration of the Sea staff in the radio broadcast booth to interview bands, including Reel Big Fish and K.Flay, before and after their sets. Other fieldXers managed the exhibitor tent, practicing leadership and customer service in a both guest- and vendor-facing roles.


Additionally, fieldXers put together a comprehensive social media plan for Celebration of the Sea to promote their initiative of inspiring civic engagement and deploying actionable scientific solutions to help global environmental challenges. fieldXers will be able to take these valuable communications, leadership, problem-solving and digital skills with them throughout their careers.


Want to be a part of events like Riptide Music Festival? Make sure to check out our events page!

fieldXpert Spotlight on Warren Moon

At fieldX, we know how valuable experienced leaders are to training and mentoring the next generation of young professionals and are grateful to our fieldXperts for this guidance. We asked Warren Moon, retired NFL and CFL Hall of Fame quarterback and founder of The Crescent Moon Foundation and Sports 1 Marketing, to share what traits he thinks helped him be successful:


“I believe my most important character trait linked to success is honesty – to others as well as myself. Also, try to be very respectful of the people you encounter and listen to them. It’s important to be patient and try to understand people’s different viewpoints. Don’t forget the power of work ethic either. It has helped me overcome many obstacles and allowed me to keep progressing.”

Q&A With Founders Sharyn Outtrim and Dr. Joey-Lynn Bialkowski

Q: Sharyn, how did you initially get involved in the Sport & Entertainment industry? What was your “big break?”

A: At 24 years old, I had just started working at the Washington D.C. Convention Center. My “big break” came at an pivotal moment during President George Bush’s inaugural party when I realized in the middle of typical event chaos, it is the people who “take the bull by the horns” or step up bravely and decisively in a difficult situation and can see it from different points of view to win the day. From that day forward I focused my mindset to step up and whether my ideas and contribution were right or wrong, people started to realize that I had a knack for getting things done. This was my big break that opened many more doors as I continued to learn skills from those who were best in class and I still do to this day... 30 years later.


Q: What was the genesis of deciding to go into business together and creating fieldXperience?

A: The seed for fieldX was planted about five years ago when Dr. Joey-Lynn Bialkowski and I met at the NCAA® Men’s Final Four in Houston. I needed engaged temporary event staff who were high performers and she needed professional soft skills training and work experience for her college students (not a unique story). The difference here was we realized we had the same goal and leaned into each other’s expertise to improve ourselves by developing an immersive program that started in the classroom. After several years of seeing the mutual success for events and students, it became evident that we had a viable business plan, solution to a common challenge and trust in each other. 


Q: What have been some highlights of fieldxperience so far?

A: For me, seeing our early adopter students’ and professional learners’ genuine interest and excitement of the possibilities they can achieve with fieldX has been a highlight. To see their aspiration to learn, practice and master skills and experience has been gratifying. On the other side, to see business and academic colleagues not only realize the benefits of enhancing their academic program or event, but also see their genuine interest of making a difference in the next generation is powerful and has verified our business model. So, taking an idea of fixing two problems with one solution and turning it into a reality has been hard but rewarding, based on the initial response we are seeing to fieldX. That’s why we love our Stories page- imagine the highlights we will share as we grow!


Q: What is the next step for fieldXperience on the road to success?

A: To continue listening, collaborating and ultimately building an ecosystem that changes the narrative and improves from the learners' and leaders' perspectives.

Q: Joey-Lynn, what is involved in creating a Sport & Entertainment / Hospitality curriculum?

A: When I am writing curriculum I strive to ensure:

- the content is aligned to industry needs and demands

- the learning objectives designed to correlate theoretical content with innovative immersive learning such as experiential learning, simulation, and or living case studies

- the learning outcomes provide the learners with opportunity to exercise their skills and discover new skills and competencies, build their confidence and character, and ignite curiosity to want to learn more


Q: What was it about the industry that interested you?

A: I have always been fascinated by the business of sport, hospitality and events. In particular, the social psychology that drives consumer behavior and purchasing decisions, but maybe more than that, I love the business leaders and managers behind the scenes of these collective industries and what they are planning, coordinating and activating to bring the social institution that IS sport/hospitality and events together. Social events propagate a sense of community and inclusion of all demographics in one place making memories together (whether they know it or not) while cheering on their favorite team and engaging in friendly banter with opposition, listening to an artist/band in a sold out venue, or taking in a local festival.


Q: What was the genesis of deciding to go into business together and creating fieldXperience?

A: First and foremost, my decision to take this leap into developing this company centered on the immense mutual trust and respect Sharyn and I have for one another and our collective areas of expertise. Going into business, a true partnership, requires steadfast trust, communication and willingness to learn and grow together. And we have committed that to each other. We know this will be a journey with highs and lows, and things we haven’t imagined, but we are committed. We are committed to pouring our hearts, passion and resources into creating a movement that we believe will empower the NextGen to enter the workforce with unparalled career readiness.


Q: What have been some highlights of fieldxperience so far?

A: My mind is a whirling like a highlight reel at the moment – but I would say my highlights are watching the team we have compiled who show up every day and pouring their hearts and strengths into our mission, learning more each day about the inner workings of building a 21st century tech-based company, and hearing clients and students say ,“Wow, this will really help me/us.”


Q: What is the next step for fieldXperience on the road to success?

A: To let the world know what it means to major in experience.

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