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fieldX Wellness Ambassador

This micro-internship provided fieldXers involvement in a much needed area with healthcare professionals screening and responsibly welcoming employees back to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boston Scientific and fieldXperience

Boston Scientific, an innovative medical solutions company needed to open their organizations so their employees could continue their important scientific work.


They turned to fieldXperience to help them create a safe, welcoming and confidence building environment for their employees as they returned to work in April.


fieldXperience worked with Boston Scientific to hire  Wellness Ambassadors and train them on our platform with customized learning modules that covered Covid-19 screening protocols and other criteria set out by Boston Scientific and the CDC. 

The Wellness Ambassadors quickly 'powered up' with the learning and began welcoming employees on April 27th. Additional training was also provided in real time through the mobile platform as the teams provided feedback on their interactions with the employees. 

Congratulations to Boston Scientific/Cambria on getting your employees back to work responsibly.

Micro-Internship Details:

Time & Locations:

Cambria: April 27th-May 15th, 2020
Boston Scientific: May 18th-June 17th, 2020
Minneapolis Metropolitan Area, Minnesota
(Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Arden Hills, Le Sueur, Belle Plaine)

About this Micro-Internship:

The role was monitoring employees as they come into the lobby of Boston Scientific or Cambria.  As employees enter the lobby one staff will direct them through stanchions like at an airport and as they come to the end, they will stand still as a camera takes their temperature.  One staff will view the monitor for the green mark with the person's temp on the screen.  

Training Provided: 

  • fieldX101 Lessons

  • Virtual World Series (Working & Learning in a Virtual World)

  • Living with COVID-19

  • Zoom Webinar training by Industry Leader


  1. Empathy

  2. Social Responsibility

  3. Communication

  4. Critical Thinking

  5. Situational Awareness

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