fieldXperience Announces Strategic Partnership with Officially Human

September 10, 2020 – Atlanta, GA – fieldXperience, the mobile-first microlearning platform teaching the power (soft) skills needed for career advancement in any industry, has partnered with Officially Human, it was announced today by Sharyn Outtrim, co-Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of fieldXperience and Brenda Hilton, Founder & CEO of Officially Human.

fieldXperience (fieldX) is an organization that connects passionate professionals, driven students, forward-looking universities, and innovative companies who understand that these skills are the key to a thriving career. Officially Human is an organization whose foundational goal is to restore respect to the game officials in multiple sports and recognize the officials as authorities on the fields and courts. Officially Human sees the officials “behind the stripes.” The fieldXperience mobile platform will be utilized to deliver educational content to sporting contest administrators, spectators, parents and young athletes throughout the country.

Officially Human is keenly aware of the ongoing crisis in officiating, a shortage of contest officials around the country.  Officially Human efforts regarding the treatment of officials are sure to help the recruiting of new officials, as efforts are stepped up nationwide in order to build the pipeline and retain talented officials across all sports. Officially Human’s goals include:

  • Promoting sportsmanship and fairness among all parties (administrators, coaches, fans, parents and of course the athletes themselves)
  • Be genuine, authentic and honest
  • Share knowledge and be respectful
  • Develop solution-based ideas and products
  • Use common sense and be clear communicators
  • Be positive and have a sense of humor (which is essential these days!)
  • Make tough calls and offer suggestions

Officially Human achieves these goals by working with organizations utilizing surveys, strategy consulting, advocacy, communication, education and, now through fieldXperience, can meet their audience wherever they are and whenever they want through the cutting-edge platform.

In addition to Officially Human partnering with fieldXperience, other current partners include: IAABO (International Association of Approved Basketball Officials); IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute; Crown Refs; RefQuest Officiating Technology; Paradigm Sports; For The Love Of The Game; Indiana SRN; Referee Rant; and SOS (Sports Officials Surrendered).

“For too long, the respect for our sports officials has deteriorated among athletes, parents, and fans and I knew we had to do something to help restore that,” said Brenda Hilton. “Officially Human is the right organization at the right time to help change the mindset and build strong relationships and admiration with our sports officials while growing the base of these dedicated individuals. I’m excited to partner with fieldXperience who will help us on this path and look forward to collaborating together.”

Officially Human founder & CEO Brenda Hilton also currently works for the Big Ten conference. She spent 11 years with the Summit League (formerly Mid-Continent conference) and over 20 years working with major collegiate officiating. Brenda founded Officially Human as she saw the need for an organization to help restore the respect and fairness to sports officials and recruit and grow the base of sports officials.

“I knew Officially Human was a perfect partner for fieldXperience as they have similar beliefs in integrity, character and fairness as we do,” said Sharyn Outtrim. “We have so many aligned ideals, goals and strategies that I know this partnership between fieldXperience and Officially Human is a winning combination. We look forward to working with Officially Human and thousands of school systems, youth sports organizations and recreation facilities around the country to help improve the experience at games we love to watch. “

About fieldXperience    

Behind every innovation is a team of passionate people. fieldXperience was born out of a vision for a new workforce full of eager and prepared professionals This passion has brought us together to create something new. fieldXperience has created the only educational platform that combines mobile-based micro-learning with a series of micro-work experience opportunities to demonstrate and solidify new power (soft) skills. fieldX is reinventing the path to career readiness by focusing on transferable skills training and practical application to create workforce heroes. Simply put, we are reverse-engineering the talent development, acquisition and engagement process.

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