Why Businesses like 'Officially Human' Choose FieldXperience

According to LinkedIn 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning. Give your talent exactly what they need to stay happy and skillfully healthy within your business using fieldXperience — the only online platform that uses the blended learning methodology and adapted NACE career-readiness competencies for its course design.

Turnkey or Customizable
Soft Skills Development

Use plug-and-play or custom-designed interactive course content to improve overall job competence for your business' unique needs.

Online Training That
Engages the Disengaged

A hyper-modern, technology-first training approach that breaks up learnings into small sessions easily taken across time — increasing long-term impact and retention.

Easily Scalable.
Provable Progress.

Stress-free integration with your platform that creates long-lasting results with much less operational or usage disruptions.

Get the Right Talent into the Right Roles

The fieldX team continues to grow our global talent engine, making it easier to match high-potential talent with the right professional roles and career opportunities. Whether you are searching for top talent or you aspiring to become top talent, we want to hear from you. Join us today!

"We knew that we wanted something interactive and fieldXperience is what brings that to the table. The fieldX team is so incredibly passionate about what they're doing. We've really really enjoyed this partnership."

Brenda Hilton

Founder - Officially Human

Why fieldX? Our Learning Methodology Says it All.

The fieldX Learning Methodology puts the learner first and is based on proven research and learning science that blends interactive
and gamified micro-courses designed to power up soft skill development.

This learner-led approach focuses on discovery, knowledge transfer, reinforcement of knowledge, and
application that can be personalized, is scalable, and focuses on the learning experiences as opposed to learning content.

The foundational career-readiness course content was informed based on adaptations of the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)
career-readiness competencies, the Bersin Academy, the Department of Labor, and local Departments of Talent and Economic Development. Power skills (aka "soft skills”)
are consistently developed from these critical work-ready competencies, as NACE is one of the leaders in informing the work-ready skills that are pertinent to employers.

fieldX is Different From Every Other Online Learning Platform

Finally have a holistic development solution designed to create and reinforce learning and growth on the group and individual level like no other program.

Backed by Modern Learning Science

fieldX courses focus on transferable soft skills that are scientifically proven to boost performance and build successful individuals/teams.

Interactive Bite-sized Lessons (with Games, Quizzes and more)

Bite-sized 3-7 minute interactive lessons that teach work-readiness regardless of career type.

Virtual Micro-Internships that Provide Real-World Experiences

Real-life internships that provide real-world experiences, putting your powered up soft skills to real work.

Start Powering Up Your Talent

Bring proven research and modern-day learning science to your employees and power up their soft skills to keep them engaged and elevating them (and your business) to never-before-seen levels.