Why Universities Like Morehead State University Partner With fieldXperience

To provide students the confidence (and assurance) that they can graduate with their first career move waiting for them. Use fieldX's blended learning methodology and experiential course design — based on NACE career-readiness competencies — to power up essential soft skills that every student needs to succeed in the workforce.

Turnkey or Customizable Soft Skill Development

Give your students the soft skill development platform that meets them where they're at (on their phones) and greatly boosts retainment.

Online Training That Engages the Disengaged

Backed by modern learning science and technology, fieldX courses are designed to ensure that students are never bored or bothered.

Micro-internships to Get Students Ready for Reality

Show students various real-world aspects of different career roles to help them easily stand out from the crowd at their entry job opportunity.

Plus... Get the Right Students into the Right Job Roles

We are building a global talent engine that will finally make it easy to match high-potential talent with the right professional roles and career opportunities. Want to know more?

"We've had the great opportunity of partnering with the Super Bowl Host Committee and it was important for us to align ourselves with fieldX and bring in students to gain experience and work Super Bowl Live"

Barry Kates

President, Innovative Group

Why fieldX? Our Learning Methodology Says it All.

The fieldX Learning Methodology puts the learner first and is based on proven research and learning science that blends interactive
and gamified micro-courses designed to power up soft skill development.

This learner-led approach focuses on discovery, knowledge transfer, reinforcement of knowledge, and
application that can be personalized, is scalable, and focuses on the learning experiences as opposed to learning content.

The foundational career-readiness course content was informed based on adaptations of the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)
career-readiness competencies, the Bersin Academy, the Department of Labor, and local Departments of Talent and Economic Development. Power skills (aka "soft skills”)
are consistently developed from these critical work-ready competencies, as NACE is one of the leaders in informing the work-ready skills that are pertinent to employers.

fieldX is Different From Every Other Online Learning Platform

By combining soft-skills focused course content and relevant industry experiences with your existing curriculum to exponentially boost your students' confidence and career-readiness.

An Easy Platform that Verifies Performance

Make it easy on yourself and your team. Track progress, get detailed performance data and in-depth individualized reports for robust resume building.

Not Another Thing for Students to Do

This is more than that and even more compelling. Easily get students to upskill on their own through experientially designed courses and social features similar to how they interact on social media platforms.

Keeps Alumni Engaged And Involved

The student journey doesn't stop at graduation. Add this as an offer for ongoing benefits to your alumni and keep them active in your community and beyond.

See How You Can Power Up Your Students

Explore fieldXperience to learn how you can use the only online learning platform that offers real-world micro-internships, coaching and talent matching to all types of students (and your alumni).