Why Universities Like IUPUI Partner With fieldX

Give your students the confidence (and assurance) that they can graduate with a job waiting for them.

Turnkey or Customized? The Choice is Yours.

Regardless of your needs, give your business the right employee development platform that's scientifically proven to engage and retain talent.

Online Training That Engages the Disengaged

Backed by modern learning science, fieldXperience's courses are designed to ensure that your learners stay engaged and motivated.

Get Your Students Ready for Reality

By diving into the various aspects of the career roles they are pursuing, your students will easily stand out from any crowd.

Get the Right Talent into the Right Roles

We are building a global talent engine that will finally make it easy to match high-potential talent with the right professional roles and career opportunities. Want to know more?

“We are here to leave an everlasting impact through our respective unique calling. Make time for introspective and bring all of your unique skill sets and passions to the work that you do and the life you create. Impacting others through the work that we do is the purpose of our existence.”

David Pierce

IUPUI Design Thinking Professor

Verify Work and Performance

Track progress, get detailed performance data and in-depth individualized reports for robust resume building.

Better Prepared Students Upon Graduation

Give students the leg up on the competition with valuable virtual micro-internships.

Keep Alumni Engaged And Involved

The student journey doesn’t stop at graduation. Offer ongoing benefits to your alumni that will keep them active in your community of alums and beyond.

Start Powering Up Your Students and Alumni

Partner with fieldXperience to bring the only online learning platform that offers real-world micro-internships, coaching and talent matching to your students and alumni.