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If you’re a student that’s about to venture into the working world or a seasoned professional looking to make a change this course was made for you. Go into your next interview with nerves of steel and unwavering confidence, ready for whatever comes your way, and equipped with the right words for expressing what your talents have to offer.


Lead Impactful Community Shifts

Know how to create lasting positive change in your community and beyond. Earn the Community Advocate Badge to replace second guesses and unsurity with the mastery of bringing people together, compelling communication, respectful delegation and much more.


Get a Positive Review Every Time

Attracting, engaging and continuously delighting customers is an art that is not easily understood, let alone master. We designed the Customer Service Excellence Badge to change that. Power up the critical soft skills that are key for becoming a customer service guru.

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Use fieldX to change the trajectory of your professional journey no matter your career goal.

Backed by Today’s Learning Sciences

fieldX courses focus on transferable soft skills that are scientifically proven to boost performance and build successful individuals/teams.

Interactive Bite-sized Lessons (with Games, Quizzes and more)

Bite-sized 3-7 minute interactive lessons that teach work-readiness regardless of career type.

Virtual Micro-Internships that Provide Real-Life Experiences

Real-life internships that provide real-world experiences, putting your powered up soft skills to real work.

Get Matched With the Right Role for You

We are building a global talent engine that will finally make it easy to match high-potential talent with the right professional roles and career opportunities. Want to know more?

Finally experience super short lessons that are sure to give you the real-world competitive edge you need to create serious success in your professional journey.

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Experience courses that prepare you to confidently enter any and every career. Unlock the secrets to excellence in customer service OR how to lead as a community advocate. Start powering up for free by choosing a badge pathway to master the soft skills needed to shine above the rest.