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We are turbo-charging workforce readiness for tomorrow’s talent through industry based experiential learning at live events.

By combining digital microlearning and real-world micro-internships we teach and foster valuable skills such as:


When a fieldXlearner completes fieldX training with 80% or higher they receive access to apply those learned skills onsite at an event. They are rated by their fieldXcoach and the on-site industry leader using a 5-point Likert scale for our fieldX skills (some are shown above).

Rookie = Less than 2 events with basic knowledge and exhibits the right mindset and coachability

Apprentice = 2+ events with growth mindset and increasing knowledge (Receives 4-5 star rating to level up)

MVP = 3-4 events with practical knowledge and skills; (Receives 4-5 star rating to level up)

Superhero = 5+ events with consistent 5-star rating and mastery of our (7) work-ready fieldX skills

Why use live events as the learning lab for applying work-ready skills?

Because events simulate work and real life but are intensified tenfold. They are short and achievable for students with busy schedules.


At the same time, events receive engaged high performing well-trained students that have a stake in the game to outperform and represent in a positive way.


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