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Stand out in the talent pool with your fieldX report verifying your soft skills needed to advance in any career in any field with: 

  • Industry leader testimonials

  • Accomplished work-ready (soft) skills

  • Gained work experience

  • Level Up recognition with badging


Advance your career with elevating your soft skills in  a fun and immersive way through bite size lessons 3-7 minutes each with micro-learning on any device, anytime, anywhere

Get more experience at live events with turbo-charged work experiences in micro-internships in bite size lengths from 3 to 14 days (perfect for busy schedules


Network with industry leaders and others to expand your network 


Earn extra money at select events at the same time! 


From VIP support at Superbowl to Virtual Ambassadors with Olympic Town Hall, our fieldXers  gain valuable experience to build their verified resumes and are key contributors to our clients’ success..
See our Events and Ambassador pages for more information

What Type Of Learner Are You?


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