Key Solutions to Pitfalls and Challenges of the Student-Athlete Experience

Being responsible for the student development programs and initiatives for student-athletes off the playing field can be a test of endurance, resilience, and agility. A commitment to pouring in endless hours of collaboration, creativity, and coordination of resources to ensure dynamic student-athlete programs doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does a champion mindset. It takes grit and determination to remain motivated and engaged when planning and implementing said programs, especially when faced with challenges that come with the territory. 

If you’re looking to rev up or strengthen your approach to maintaining professional motivation to create compelling student development programs, this fieldXperience webinar is for you. 

Watch below to learn:

  • Best practices for self-motivation and attainment of aspirational goals vs. acceptable results
  • Real-life examples for creating game-changing for athletic programs
  • Proven tools and resources for curating programs that will align with student-athlete needs
  • The “Level Up Sideline Engagement” approach that will not only help achieve program outcomes, but can also instill motivation and purposeful drive for program coordinators

Speaker Highlight

DeeDee Merritt

Director of NCAA Leadership Development

DeeDee Merritt, director of NCAA leadership development, has been instrumental in asserting her group as the prominent national voice in the area of student-athlete development in intercollegiate athletics. 

At the national office, DeeDee administers the NCAA Pathway Program, the Champion Forum for Football and Basketball, and the Dr. Charles Whitcomb Leadership Institute. Additionally, she led the creation of the NCAA Leadership Collective, a platform designed to promote inclusive hiring practices within college sports administration and coaching. 

Lamarr Pottinger

Associate Director in Leadership Development at NCAA

Lamarr Pottinger, assistant director of NCAA leadership development. A former student-athlete himself, Lamarr has had tenure at Texas Tech University, Old Dominion University and Jacksonville University. (He’s also led the charge for nationally recognized programs, like Suited for Success.)

At his tenure at Old Dominion and Jacksonville, he impacted over 900 student-athletes, finding creative and consistent ways to foster their leadership skills and career readiness. For his work, he was recognized by the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals (N4A), presenting him with the Professional Promise Award, given annually to one new member from each region that has dedicated significant energy to the association and its mission.

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