Up your Student-Athletes’ Game with a Sport Marketing Skills Challenge

How do you distill lessons from a 20-year career as a Sport Marketing Executive into an online micro-learning skills challenge for the next generation of sport business professionals?

Jamie Fritz figured out how to do it and in a way that truly works for a retainable (and provable) benefit in students and student-athletes looking to carve their way into the sport marketing world.

Understanding that sport management programs across the country, and around the globe, seeking to prepare students with knowledge pertinent to the vast aspects of the sport and entertainment industry, Jamie shares how his vision to tee-up an interactive sport marketing skills challenge, based off his renowned experience, elevates sport management curriculum and student engagement within this field of study.


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  • Methods on how to bridge the gap between student-athletes and post-graduation success in the sport marketing industry
  • A proven 50-day micro-learning approach that equips students to retain knowledge they’ll need and use in the sport marketing field
  • An alignment strategy that shows you how to pair industry demands with your curriculum for the best results-driven outcomes

Speaker Highlight

Jamie Fritz

Sport Marketing Executive, Principal/Director of Fritz Martin Management 

As a sport marketing executive for more than 20 years, Jamie has worked on blockbuster marketing campaigns that leveraged high profile celebrity talent to drive dramatic increases in traffic, revenue, market share and brand recognition for clients in sports, entertainment, consumer products, apparel, electronics, food beverage, banking, automotive, and sporting goods.

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