Industry leader stories

  • “The ability to address an issue and find a proper solution will separate people. Particularly as fieldXperience individuals, there are problems and circumstances that will require proper decisions, constantly. Going to a superior to make that decision is not always available, but good leaders will appreciate those that have decision making abilities, especially if it falls in line with company policy.”

    Jim Steeg Management and Media Consulting Steeg Sports
  • “I would have started in the business much earlier and allowed myself to participate in every aspect, to get a full understanding of how each component affects one another. A successful event only happens when all parts are working in sync with each other. The keys to success is developing relationship and trust with those working along sides with and allowing for constant communication so everyone is on the same page and there is no confusion.”

    Don Renzulli Executive Vice President On Location Experiences
  • “We’re all born with the same 5 traits: Character, Attitude, Drive, Energy, Talent. Understanding yourself well enough to know how these 5 play out daily is crucial. I’d add Initiative and Intuition as very important as well. We can all learn Skills and expand our knowledge. But when I hire someone, I look for those things above, which can’t be taught.

    Carl Thomas Founder and Creator
  • “Act like it’s your business on the line and remember you are representing yourself as well as everyone you work with. Be early to meetings, use proper etiquette and manners in every situation, and treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Remember, you can learn from every situation and there are so many ways to complete any task, so make sure you load all your experiences in your tool chest, as each situation could require a different approach. Remember, experiences lead to opportunities, so don’t always be guided by moneyif you are great at what you do, the money opportunities will come.”

    Jim Freudenberg SVP Strategic Alliance Partnerships Innovative Group
  • “[If I knew then what I know now…] I would slow down. I would keep my mouth closed more often and keep my ears open. I would spend more time with those who are older and have more experience than me. I would work harder to maintain and enjoy relationships I’ve established – your network is invaluable throughout life, both personally and professionally. I would do meticulous research when it comes to making important decisions and, when I still wasn’t sure, I would go with my gut. I would always choose my morals over money.”

    Brian Cockerham Vice President Primesport/Anthony Travel
  • “Get involved at any level of eventsall experience is valuable.  Engage with everyone you can; be personable, helpful and enthusiastic.  You never know which contact is going to remember your good deeds and efforts, that person might be the leader of the next event you want to work with.  Never burn a bridge, the event industry is very tight!”

    Marc Klein Senior Event Manager, Principle Populous
  • “Patience is definitely a virtue. There usually are no shortcuts. Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Learn to get comfortable with taking some risks. Be consistent. Be thorough. Stay true to who you are. Use your voice. Attract people to you with your positivity and good energy. Stay grounded. Resist the temptation to let a position or a title go to your head. Remember that no one likes to work for jerks. Think of the worst boss ever and be the opposite of them!”

    Chakakhan Abston Legendary People and Talent Specialist Texas Roadhouse
  • “Skills and character traits that have helped me be successful are confidence, creativity, and courage. Confidence and belief in myself have caused others to believe in me.

    As the youngest and only African American woman on our Expanded Senior Staff, I have had to take on a leadership role that can be daunting for some. However, I see it as a great opportunity to learn, lead, and create a legacy [with courage]. 

    Additionally, other skills that have played a role in my success are time management, organizational skills, the ability to meet deadlines under pressure, and flexibility as things are often changing in the sports space.”

    Ashley Smith Assistant Athletics Director for Player Relations and Development University of Tennessee
  • “My advice to the next generation is simple: be authentic. There are so many student-athletes and students in the world who may have similar backgrounds to yours, but none of those people are you. Trust in the training and preparation life has given you, and be yourself! Being authentic is how you set yourself apart.”

    Tayler Onion Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Enhancement University of South Florida
  • “I wish I would have developed deeper relationships with my managers and had more mentors that were senior to me. I have several friends that built those relationships who have followed their leaders and mentors to future destinations. I always had great relationships with peers and people who reported to me. And I always had good relationships with my managers. But I should have been more intentional about spending time getting to know my bosses and senior mentors because that would have opened more doors for me.”

    Chris Traeger Chief Revenue Officer FieldXperience
  • “To know that you can realize your life goals in pockets and to embrace the journey, even when there is change or unknowns come into play. Just being your true self and adding unique value to the world is a reflection of your calling. We are here to leave an everlasting impact through our respective unique calling. Make time for introspective and bring all of your unique skill sets and passions to the work that you do and the life you create. Impacting others through the work that we do is the purpose of our existence.”

    Carolyn Moos Founder, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Consultant Fit for Living Life
  • A piece of encouragement for others on skills and traits to be successful, Sue says, “The same skills and character traits that are in today’s vernacular are what helped me be successful.  Grit, persistence, confidence with humility, the ability to consider/incorporate other’s ideas/talents, roll-up-my-sleeves attitude, the desire to treat everyone equally no matter their stature. And when I started leading events, those same skills were utilized.”

    Sue Robichek Event Management Consultant Self Employed
  • If you knew then what you know now what would you have done differently?

    “I would’ve taken a different approach at my craft. As opposed to seeking validation from contemporaries and upper level executives, I would’ve sought consumer validation, by going direct to market with all products and services, even on a small scale…”

    Jamal McCoy (DJ MaL-Ski) DJ DJ MaL-Ski
  • “I was fortunate to have college mentors that facilitated my getting experience in the industry but realize not everyone is that lucky.  fieldX should help level the playing field so more students can get access to the necessary internships and experience in order to land their first full time job.”

    Callye Emmons Event Management & Production WarnerMedia
  • “What skills and character traits have helped me be successful?
    My most important character trait is trying to always be honest to myself and honest to others, try to be very respectful of the people you encounter, and to listen, be patient and try and understand different points of views of other people…My work ethic, and my ability to overcome obstacles put in front of me have always helped me to keep progressing….”

    Warren Moon NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2006 Founder of the Crescent Moon Foundation & Sports 1 Marketing
  • “if you knew then what you know now…

    If I knew that technology and social media would rule the day as it does now, I would have spent more time learning different forms of technology (website design, graphic design, etc.) as I believe anyone with that skill set is setting themselves up for success down the road.”

    Steve Webster CEO / President Crimson Marketing and Public Relations (CMPR)
  • “fieldX will add specific structure, processes, and quantifiable experience to individuals that previously would have only been able to achieve anecdotal, unstructured, networking opportunities. Unlike previous experiences, fieldX will evaluate a participant’s contributions, and document those is such a way that outstanding performances will be acknowledged / recognized. The experience gained under the fieldX business model will quantify success versus just indicate that participation took place. This distinction will greatly help hiring companies.”

    Stan Beck Professional Services Executive Teksystems
  • “Character traits that have helped me succeed in the sport and entertainment industry have been vision, determination, curiosity and openness to new experiences, resilience, and always pushing to expand my body of work into new areas of the industry.  Success is a journey, not a destination.

    fieldXperience is making this journey more accessible than ever for today’s students and young professionals through the multi-discipline aspects of live events.”

    Sheri Barros Global Strategic Sports Alliance American Cancer Society
  • “If I would have known that a company like fieldX existed I would have been all over being a part of it when I was in college. The opportunity to work a major event like the Super Bowl and too put that experience on your resume…. that’s the dream! Everything about it [fieldX] is perfect. So many students will be affected in such a positive way.”

    Matt Snyder Vice President, Volunteer Programs and Academic Liaison Atlanta Basketball Host Committee
  • “As a former DI swimmer, I know first-hand how hard it is to maintain a balance between school and practice, let alone adding in an internship. I was limited in my search for internships based on restrictions placed on my practice / competition schedule, which was not the ideal. fieldX is providing opportunities that are not necessarily a “9-to-5” and allow for more flexibility for student-athletes. In addition, fieldX has focused their model around gamification, which is something that IdeaQuest has studied the benefits of and has started implementing these principals into strategic sales incentive programs. I can definitively say that gamification compliments a student-athlete’s mindset and places them in a structured environment, where they can thrive.”

    Madelyn Robinson Director Ideaquest
  • “The skills and character traits that have helped me to be successful is being a good human being and treating everyone with respect whether I agreed with them or not. Relationships are an important aspect in life, learning as much as you can and building those relationships is the best advice I could give the next generation to become successful.”

    Larry Brown Former NFL Player Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl XXX MVP
  • “I needed all the help I could get as a kid.  I was never a great student so I hung out with the smartest kids in class.  I wanted to be successful so I hung out with kids from successful families.  Eventually I realized I could manifest the life I wanted by surrounding myself with people who possessed the qualities I wanted.  If you want to be funny, hang out with funny people.  If you want to be successful surround yourself with successful people.  If you want to be rich, hang out with rich people.
    I believe we are the average of the 5 people we associate with the most.  Think about that for a second.  If you don’t wake up every morning inspired to be a better version of yourself because of your 5 then you might need to re-think your group.”

    Jamie Fritz Principal / Director Fritz Martin Management LLC
  • “From playing college basketball, playing professional basketball in the NBA, then to my current teaching and coaching endeavors I have carried an abundant amount of best practices and skills along the way. My drive, hustle, and work ethic, as well as my ability to spot and recognize trends yet embrace the old school and traditional methods of engagement are what have driven my success.”

    Acie Earl Coach Venom Sports Training
  • “Oh Lord, I started out in this business back in the dark ages…1977. The only sports management program in the country was just getting started back then at Ohio U. It truly was a different world…not necessarily a bad one, just VERY different. For example, in my first 5 years of being in the venue/ event business, I did stints in everything from production to box office to merch sales to concessions to basic facility and event operations.  It truly was baptism by fire…jump in and  learn; skin your knees; live and learn from your mistakes and by watching others. What fieldX offers in terms of opportunities in the sports and events business now is light years beyond anything I could have imagined way back then. For someone starting out now, fieldX is going to be a requisite just to have the chance to get your foot in the door in today’s competitive environment. As Nike might suggest, Just do it!”

    Carl Adkins Executive Director Atlanta Basketball Host Committee
  • “If I knew then what I know now… that every personal or business relationship has a purpose I would have maintained contact and continued to network with everyone I have met throughout my career. You never know when you will need someone’s help or who your next boss will be. Be kind and respectful because everyone has value.”

    Elisa Dove Senior Vice President, Sport and Event Ticket Management Bank of America
  • Having been a coach for 44 years, it is very clear to me how badly the program by fieldX is needed. Their platform is an innovative solution that allows students and employees to be coached like never before. I know the co-founder of fieldX, Sharyn Outtrim and she has always found ways to innovate, empower, and deliver world-class talent. She is truly a breath of fresh air and her love and passion is to help others. She is the epitome of a reach coach, which I describe below.

    The word coach was first used back in the 1500’s…in England. A coach was a horse-drawn carriage used to transport a person of importance form where her o she is to where he or she wants to be, could be, needs to be, or ought to be going.

  • “The beauty of fieldX is that you’ll have steadying hands around you as you learn the ropes. School is a pretty linear affair.  Read the book, go to class, take the test etc. Whereas, some of what you will be engaged in will come at you from several directions at the same time. No reason to fret…but remember, this is where you learn to make judgments and decisions based on imperfect & incomplete information. Welcome to the club! But fieldX will provide some guard rails and insights as you make your way.”

  • As a student at Indiana University, I set a goal for myself to have professional work experience year-round until I graduated. To achieve this tough goal I knew that I needed to look all over to find and sometimes create opportunities. Many of the best opportunities are not posted on job boards and require hard work/networking for one to uncover them. I was fortunate enough to be connected with Sharyn Outtrim back in 2010. Soon after we met, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to gain professional experience working with her at the 2010 Final Four. Using that as a springboard, I was able to work with Sharyn at numerous events until I graduated from college in 2012.

    Whether I am speaking in a class at Indiana or casually talking with students at various professional events, I always let them know how lucky I was to have such great work experiences and the importance of utilizing all of your resources to create your own opportunities. Many students do not get work experience because they only look for posted internships or formal opportunities, but very few go seek out other opportunities or ways to gain valuable knowledge and experience. It is so important to get yourself out there and just ask for the opportunities to work/learn through volunteering or at networking events. The skills I gained from my experiences prepared me for the next steps in my life through job interviews and eventually full-time employment. By developing this centralized platform, fieldXperience is going to be a game-changer for students.

  • “I’ve worked with Sharyn and her team for many years and I have never found a more professional consummate executive. She is so well-connected and always manages the most incredible well-run events. I think she is the absolute best person to oversee such an exciting organization such as fieldXperience. We look forward to having her and Dr. Joey-Lynn’s team of exceptional students assist us again with the Amer-I-Can golf tournament and dinner at Super Bowl LIV in Miami”

    Jim Brown Founder THE AMER-I-CAN program NFL Hall of fame Class of 1971,
  • Early on, I was afraid of the uncomfortable – in particular, moving to a new city or taking a new position that was not in my skill-set, as examples. As a result, I missed out on opportunities that I didn’t realize until much later.

    Mom and dad are a phone call away. Significant others will understand. You’ll make new friends. You’ll learn the skills you need to survive and succeed. In this industry, if you don’t seize the opportunity, someone else will.

    I didn’t know squat, but I sure acted like I did. I wanted to make sure that my opinion was heard, regardless of whether it was warranted. “Two ears, one mouth”, as an old boss told me. “You need to listen with the intent to absorb, NOT the intent to respond.”

    J.W. Cannon Sr Director, Sports Alliances American Cancer Society

Learner Stories

  • “I signed up for fieldX online and being my first internship at Circuit of Americas, I had a fantastic time and wonderful experience learning about the industry.”

    Alex Wilson Sport Management / fieldX Rating: ROOKIE ROOKIE University of Texas at Austin
  • I believe fieldX is more than important for students to participate in, but rather essential. Employers are looking for students with the soft skills that fieldX offers in their online micro-learning. Plus, majority of students who have an interest in the Sport Hospitality and Entertainment Business have never experienced it first hand, and fieldX offers that at the world’s largest events. This allows students to explore multiple areas of this large sector and find out what is the right fit for them, and make connections that could land them their dream job! The networking and resume building opportunities they offer are second to none and it’s a lifetime experience to be a fieldX learner! 

    Alisha Anderson Student Activities and Retention Concordia University Ann Arbor Concordia University Ann Arbor 2018
  • “FieldX will help me get field experience in event management and operations. This opportunity will allow me to network with different companies that I would love to work for someday.”

    Taylor Tolbert Marketing University of Alabama 2023
  • “I think FieldX will help me advance my skills in my career, because it is essential to learn how to be self-marketable and to get first-hand experience in the business world.”

    Bree Keena Finance and Accounting Virginia Tech 2022
  • “With fieldX, I am hoping to perfect my communication skills and serve as a connector around campus. I hope to take on leadership roles within this internship and use these qualities years beyond this experience.”

    Georgia Tinsley Marketing University of Maryland 2021
  • “FieldX is giving me the opportunity to sharpen the skills I obtained through my previous job but gain another level of experience. Since this internship includes dealing with the level of professionalism exclusive from collegeI will be able to enhance my communication skills, cooperation with coworkers and building relationships that could excel my career. Overall, fieldX will aid me in the future to become a better employee or even entrepreneur.”

    Ashley Davies Marketing University of North Carolina-Greensboro 2021
  • “I intend to use my internship experience with fieldX to further improve and learn new ideas and concepts in Business & Marketing. I very much would love to continue to use this platform to work in the Tech industry and to hopefully work on a project related to that.”

    Sajoni Calvo Computer Science Florida State University 2022
  • “While I do not anticipate to be dealing with numbers much during my FieldX internship, I am looking forward to creating new connections and improving my professional skillset by getting experience with communications.”

    Nicholas Carpinito Finance University of Arkansas 2024
  • “I think FieldX will help me expand my skills by giving me the confidence to do this in the real world. It will give me real life experience for after college and show me more of what to expect when entering the work force. This experience will help guide me in developing the skills to be successful. I am so thankful for this opportunity. ”

    Alicia Cundiff Public Relations University of Cincinnati 2022
  • “I believe fieldXperience will help me advance my skills as I experience more events — from networking with others, organizing the logistical aspects of an event and coming up with ways to market an event to the student body. All these skills would be very beneficial for me in the long-term, well beyond college! ”

    Emee Dy Marketing University of Notre Dame 2022
  • “Field X will help me in my career by building my network, communication and planning skills, marketing experience, and expose me to opportunities for my future success.”

    Hannah Frank Marketing Ohio State University 2021
  • “I think that fieldX will help me become a better communicator with individuals and give me the necessary experience to help me be successful in my career. A huge part of marketing and sales is relationship building. A lot of what I will be doing with filedX is relationship building and meeting new people which is very exciting.”

    Kelly Gaede Marketing and Event Management Iowa State University 2021
  • “I think fieldx will help me in my plans to get to work with other students and professionals in my field and help me in refining soft skills that I will need to be successful in both of these positions. I also think working with other students as fieldx campus ambassadors will help me in my teamwork skills and creativity in navigating events during an unprecedented time. I am so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to officially get started! ”

    Sage Greenhouse Journalism University of Oklahoma 2020
  • “I hope to increase my soft and hard skills at fieldX.”

    Ivan Ip Finance and Information Systems Boston College 2021
  • “I believe that filedX will be incredibly beneficial to me in both of those fields because not only will I be able to learn better communication skills, I will be learning them in an environment relating to sports. As soon as I saw this internship opportunity, I knew that I had to apply! I knew this would give me the chance to learn valuable skills that I would be unable to learn anywhere else and I am very excited to see where this opportunity takes me!”

    Amanda Johnson Hospitality Management University of Central Florida 2022
  • “FieldX is all about learning, experience and going above and beyond. I will practice these skills so I can successfully work with a team, improve my own skills, and learn all about the marketing field.”

    Madelyn Sipola Marketing Coastal Carolina University 2021
  • “Hi, I am Roberto Sotelo, a current fieldX Campus Ambassador at Purdue University! This semester, fieldX connected me with with Dr. Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu, M.D, M.P.H, an Assistant Clinical Professor/Associate Research Scientist at Yale School of Public Health for a virtual micro-internship. I am gaining comprehensive experience about clinical reporting with Dr. Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu to monitor patient progress and recovery in a clinical setting. As a result, in addition to the fieldX skills training, have been able to expand on skills such as medical terminology, decision making and communication in a health care setting. However, one of the biggest takeaways I have gained through this experience so far is to be grateful for your own health.”

    Roberto Sotelo Biochemistry Purdue University 2021
  • After the Leadercast event, Kenneth McArdle said, “As volunteers we all felt very included and the integration of us into the team felt quite seamless. The selection of speakers were amazing, they were all very engaging and well received.”

    Kenneth McArdle Hospitality and Event Business / fieldX Rank: MVP Concordia University Ann Arbor 2020
  • Luke Konkel after working the Bruce Arians Celebrity Golf event says, “This was one of the best events that I have been given the opportunity to work. Once we figured out who worked well together, we made this an event to remember giving first class experience to an amazing family foundation.” 

    Luke Konkel Sport and Entertainment Business / fieldX Rating: MVP Concordia University Ann Arbor 2021
  • “Having the opportunity to go on experiential learning opportunities with fieldX has equipped me with the skills needed to succeed in my profession, and business in general. In March I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas to work the Forbes Luxury Summit. While at the summit, I learned what it takes to work in the Sport and Entertainment Business Industry. And I learned different business operations and roles within the industry. I was even chosen to be a personal assistant for Marissa Tomei, in which I had to perform different tasks. While working at this Micro-internship I was pushed outside of my comfort zone , I learned how to work under pressure, I learned how to go above and beyond project expectations, and lastly I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to. “

    Tris'styn Williams Sport and Entertainment Business / fieldX Rating: APPRENTICE Concordia University Ann Arbor 2021
  • After working Super Bowl LIV Clay Coltson reflects on his Xperience with a story, “One of the workers that I had was crying as I said goodbye because of the impact that I had on her while managing our event.” 

    Clay Coltson Sport and Entertainment Business / fieldX Rating: APPRENTICE Concordia University Ann Arbor 2020
  • “I am an introverted individual who has struggled with speaking to new people. In my program, I primarily learn problem-solving and product development strategies with limited interpersonal skills development to oral presentations and group work.

    I have worked various sporting events that have helped me develop the skills to be an effective verbal communicator, so much so that interviews are easier and result in getting superior internships. My improved communication skills also got me a teaching assistant job.

    I look forward to further developing my soft skills as they have proven to help guide my career down a successful path.”

    Matthew Quon BS in Biomedical/Medical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology 2019
  • “I would recommend fieldXperience to other students looking to gain real-world experience in a capacity that they may not have initially thought they needed. By working events like Formula 1, any fieldX student will be able to witness how a business operates a highly intensive and fast-paced event, which will prepare them for their future careers.”

    Nathan Kim Sport Management / fieldX Rating: MVP University of Texas 2021
  • “My name is Leah Refenes, I’m a third time fieldXer. I love going on these experiences because I’m always placed in a field where I know I’ll succeed and my natural talents will be ready to shine. Can’t wait to jet off to my next experience!”

    Leah Refenes Hospitality & Event Business / fieldX Rating: APPRENTICE Concordia University Ann Arbor 2021
  • Lauren is a senior at Michigan who was was a crucial aspect to the Voice event, representing fieldX she says, “I’m here with the 2 founders of fieldX on my first immersive industry experience. I’m in LA at Universal Studios on the season finale of the Voice. I’m working with VIP clients and sponsors, and I would love to talk more but I gotta go to work!”

    Lauren Geurard Sport Management / fieldX Rating: MVP University of Michigan 2020
  • “Like my fieldX peers, I was given a lot of freedom to make decisions during our fieldXperience at the Formula 1 Haas Hill hospitality area. fieldX is truly amazing and is going to change the sport industry by giving up-and-coming professionals like me the chance to problem solve in real industry situations as well as connect with leaders in the industry.”

    Lauren Drinane Sport and Entertainment Business / fieldX Rating: SUPERHERO Concordia University Ann Arbor 2021
  • “The experiences I’ve been a part of through fieldX have benefited me greatly by allowing me to make new connections in the industry I wouldn’t have otherwise made. Adding the fieldXperience micro-internship at the Formula 1 Haas Hill hospitality area to my resume will open new doors for me, diversify my resume and help me reach my career goals of working in sponsorship and business development.”

    Kristian Stengel Sport Management, Business / fieldX Rating: SUPERHERO Rice University 2021
  • “Getting into the sport world isn’t hard. What’s hard is moving up! With fieldX, I’ve already had the experience of working both Super Bowl LIII and Formula 1 and have a network of connections to vouch for me. fieldXperience exceeded my expectations from training to actual real-world experience. The fieldX executives were not only professional, but also very personable and seemed passionate about really helping us students get ahead in our careers. The event Leaders entrusted us with responsibilities and let us make decisions on the fly. fieldX helped me determine that my passion was in guest services and hospitality which solidified my decision to change my major to Sport Management.”

    Jen Spell Sport Entertainment / fieldX Rating: ROOKIE Rice University 2022
  • “I graduated with my undergrad from Concordia Wisconsin with a sport and entertainment major. Through my experience with Concordia I was able to get connected with fieldXperience and Sharyn and her team. The best part about working with fieldXperience was getting in the industry that I want to be a part of is seeing behind the scenes, not just the glamorous big game experience but how to get the fan experience, work with vendors, and see all the moving parts mold into one. I want to thank fieldXperience and Concordia for the amazing opportunities.”

    Jason Klug Sport and Entertainment Business / fieldX Ranking: MVP Concordia University Wisconsin 2020
  • “As a young professional in the events industry, fieldXperience has filled the void of what I’ve been needing to gain experience and knowledge while pursuing my career. You truly can’t gain in a classroom what fieldX has to offer. I’m grateful to have participated in Leadercast Women and Formula 1 this year. Each event is completely different and unique, as are the lessons learned and values gained.”

    Ashlee Shaffer Certification, Wedding Consulting / fieldX Rating: MVP Stratford Career Institute 2019
  • “For my fieldXperience, I worked in the VIP exclusive hospitality location for Formula 1 at COTA. The fieldX team was a great resource helping me navigate so many unknown variables. The micro-internship allowed me to get real, valuable experience managing people on site and it fit into my busy school schedule.”

    Lindell Galvin Finance and Sport Management / fieldX Rating: MVP The University of Texas 2020
  • “Working at Formula 1 was my first time working an event and I can honestly say that working with fieldXperience was exceptional because I was set up for success from the start. Before working with fieldX, I knew my passion was for sports and that I wanted to work in the sporting realm, but this micro-internship solidified my decision. I will never forget my time practicing exceptional customer service at Formula 1 and the real world situations I was able to navigate as a fieldX Learner. I know the training and experience I’ve gained from fieldXperience will positively impact my future.”

    William Proctor Sport Management / fieldX Rating: SUPERHERO University of Texas 2021
  • “fieldX helped me grow in my connections and experience right after my undergraduate education. I was given the opportunity to work on site for both the NBC production “The Voice” season 13 finale shows as well as the L.A. Chargers Charity Golf Tournament with the L.A. Children’s Hospital. This experience helped me learn to adapt to situations at events and network with professionals running the production, and also guests attending the events.”

    Kate Kirchoff Master's Degree, Sport Administration fieldX Rating: SUPERHERO Adrian College 2020
  • “fieldX gave me the opportunity to improve my leadership skills as a Zone Manager at Formula 1, where I had multiple real managerial responsibilities. Having such an important role – not just a typical intern role – exceeded my expectations of fieldXperience. When you’re working a live event, you’re putting yourself in potentially difficult situations which in turn improves your soft skills and helps you become a better professional and person. This managerial role allowed me to solve problems while practicing multitasking in a large working environment with high-profile clients. I think learning by doing is the best way to gain experience and knowledge and fieldXperience provides that opportunity to learn. It was such an honor to receive the MVP Award for this Formula 1 experience and I am definitely looking forward to my next fieldXperience event to learn even more.”

    Sebastian Munoz Masters in Sport Management MVP University of Texas ‘21
  • Catalina and Kristian at COTA

    Working the Formula 1 Military Outpost during the race in Austin gave me the opportunity to practice and showcase my customer service skills as well as demonstrate how to instill a “Culture of Care” with my other teammates – because it’s not only how you treat the customer, but how you treat those who work with you. I’m still learning exactly what I love and am good at, so the Formula 1 micro-internship was a stepping stone to helping me find my true strengths and understand how I should best apply my skills. The connections and networking available were invaluable too.

    Catalina Santamaria Sport Management and Managerial Studies APPRENTICE Rice University ’21
  • Two years after my first experience at the Rose Bowl, I was trusted to lead a group of students at Super Bowl LIVE in Atlanta! These events have given me amazing insights into what it takes to work in the sport industry.

    Allison Peters Masters Sport Venue & Event Management '19 Major Syracuse University